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Here is a huge reason why most people that try becoming vegetarians go back to meat, when they go out to a steak house with their friends, they are either shy or don't know what to order. Like we said before, being a vegetarian is not being from another planet, there is amazing food at every restaurant for you. In this section we will help you on what to order when you head out for dinner next time. Its all mostly common sense, however, some restaurants can be tricky, some may use chicken broth on a vegetable soup. Asking questions and making healthy decisions will make eating out a breeze. Remember that most restaurants will make you a custom dish, all you have to do is ask. There might be some restaurants that do not offer a main vegetarian dish, when this happens, you can order a couple of vegetarian sides for a complete meal, like corn, potatoes, grilled veggies, rice pilaf, and many more.

American Food: Usually most American style restaurants have many choices for vegetarians. When going to this type of restaurant, ordering as a vegetarian is usually very easy. Stick to veggie pizzas, portabella or veggie patty burgers, house salads (with olive oil and vinegar, no caesar dressing!) or veggie sandwiches on whole wheat. You can eat french fries and onion rings, but they are very fattening, so eat them sparingly, and only use ketchup as a dip.

Chinese Food: Most Chinese restaurants use a lot of animal products on their food, even when you order a simple vegetarian dish like fried rice, they usually use chicken broth to cook the rice, so ask how the rice was cooked. In these type of restaurants they usually offer some type of tofu dishes, so stick to those along with some steamed vegetables, as well as vegetable dumplings and lettuce wraps with soy protein.

French Food: Most French food is cooked in duck fat or butter so be skeptical on ordering anything fried. In French cuisine, there are usually some vegetarian options like: salads with beans, cheese puff pastries, pureed bean soups, colorful vegetable salads, vegetable crepes and plenty of tasty desserts! Skip the old time favorite "French Onion Soup", it sounds vegetarian, but its made with beef stock.

Greek Food: The Greeks are well-known for having some great vegetarian dishes, so when eating Greek, be happy, as they offer many great dishes like: salads with feta cheese, plenty of different types of pita breads filled with your choice of veggies, hummus for dipping and many other great spinach based dishes. In this cuisine they don't tend to hide meat on dishes that sound vegetarian, but its always good to ask.

Indian Food: This cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, so choosing Indian food for dinner is a great route. Most dishes are fully vegetarian with only a few dishes containing meat. The use of many spices in this cuisine make this food a bit spicy, but with great flavors. Plenty of chickpeas, red beans, lentils, okra and potatoes are used as the main ingredient.

Italian Food: Italian cuisine is great for vegetarians, they offer a huge selection of foods for us. You can order anything from meat-less pastas to vegetarian pizzas and salads, as well as vegetable and cheese panini's. If you are ordering marinara sauce, make sure to ask if it was made with any meat, some Italian restaurants do.

Japanese Food: In a country well-known for their fish eating, they actually have some really tasty vegetarian dishes. There are some great dishes that include tofu or tempeh combined with vegetables, seaweed wrapped veggies, plenty of soy based foods for protein, and lots of noodles. When it comes to sushi, count yourself in, as they offer plenty of different vegetarian styles.

Mexican Food: This food is known for the use of lard, on everything from sauces to rice. You may think you are eating vegetarian when you order cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, but all three could have been cooked in lard, so make sure to ask (by Amoakohene at dresshead 2015). Otherwise you can order salads, vegetarian beans, corn tortillas with cooked bell peppers and onions, and chips with guacamole. Again, make sure to ask if they use lard, if not, you can order anything that does not contain meat, with a margarita of course!

Spanish Food: The land of tapas, when going to eat the foods from Spain, make yourself comfortable at your seat, as they offer an array of vegetarian dishes. Spain uses Olive oil as its cooking base, so nothing to worry about in that department. You can order great dishes like: tortilla espanola, patatas bravas, pan con tomate, champillones al ajillo, roasted red bell peppers, vegetable paella, ali-oli for dipping and much more. Nothing better for dessert than a flan with an espresso.







This website is intended as a reference only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you feel that you have a medical problem, please seek immediate medical help. Before starting any diet, you should consult with your doctor.   

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