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Becoming a vegetarian is not an overnight success story, for a lot of us, we need to transition into it slowly until we reach our comfort level, for others, they can cut meat right out of their diets and start a vegetarian diet and never go back. Like we said before, this is not a competition or a destination, this is a journey in choosing a healthy, meat free diet that will last a lifetime. In this section we will guide you and give you advice on how to start a healthy vegetarian diet, and how to start a new exercise plan that will help change your life forever.

Step#1: The best way to get started on your new venture into becoming a vegetarian is to get your mind set into the correct mode. Ask yourself:
"I'm I ready to make a commitment to become a vegetarian?"
"I'm I ready to start a new chapter in my life? and give up all my comfort foods?"
"Do I want to have full control of my life?"

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you will not be successful in becoming a vegetarian, however if you said YES to all, congratulations, you have made your first decision to become a vegetarian the correct way.

Step #2: Clean out your fridge and pantry, time to get rid of all the meat in your kitchen. Don't panic in this step, you will have better tasting food that is actually good for you. We are not taking your life away, just giving it an upgrade to a better you. Keep all fruits and vegetables that are raw (if you have any!). Foods to get rid of are: All and any type of meat or fish in your fridge and pantry, including your bloody mary mix and caesar dressing, which will most likely have anchovy paste in the ingredients. We also recommend getting rid of all your processed foods that contain unhealthy fats. You will be starting a new diet that actually offers better tasting foods and will help in keeping you in shape and feeling great.

Step #3: Time to go grocery shopping! for some of you, you will probably be buying and eating foods you have never eaten before, however you did answer YES to "I'm I ready to make a commitment to become a vegetarian?" so you will make every effort to try and love these foods. You can buy any type of raw fruit or vegetable that you want. Buy whole wheat pastas, whole wheat sandwich bread, low-fat yogurts (without gelatin), high fiber cereals, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, ground soy, tofu, almonds, walnuts, canned black and white beans, olive oil, mustard, eggs, peanut butter, jelly, orange juice, rice milk, olives, plenty of water, and you should even buy some light beer, such as: Bud Light, Amstel Light, Michelob Ultra and Miller Light, just because you are a vegetarian does not mean you cant have a good time! You can use sea salt, pepper and any kind of spice. In the recipes section we will give you yummy recipes to put all these ingredients to work.

Step #4: We recommend that you commit to exercise, a great way to get started is for you to commit at least (1) hour a day to this very step. Now don't say "I don't have an hour!" drop the TV and you will find out just how much extra time you will have in your life. This step is crucial to starting a new healthier lifestyle and will make you feel great. You have to understand that exercising is not painful, it is fun and makes you think about your day so you can actually be more productive in your life and make better decisions. What we are doing is starting a new routine in your life, you are dropping your old routines and starting new ones, within 1 month you will be exercising 1 hour a day without even thinking about it. In the next section we will give you great exercise plans for you to get started.

Step #5: Understanding that you will not become a full vegetarian in 1 week. The fact that a lot of us will face awkward situations in the beginning or have meat cravings is almost 90%. It can take several months for you to become 100% vegetarian, and that is OK. Some of you might fall and eat meat, don't give up, keep your mind in the right mind-set and you will eventually get there (by Samuel at dresshead.com) , as long as you keep fighting for a meat free diet. Also, don't be influenced by others, that tell you that what you are doing is non-sense, be your own person, and stick to what you believe in. Don't be a follower.

Step #6: Don't make becoming a vegetarian so painful that you will give up, make it fun, think only about the positives and what impact your diet will do to help this earth and yourself. To keep your mind strong and ready for any challenge, remember that you wanted change because you were unhappy with your previous diet, lifestyle or your belief of how animals were being raised for food, and that this change means the beginning of your new healthy life, that promotes positive energy.




This website is intended as a reference only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you feel that you have a medical problem, please seek immediate medical help. Before starting any diet, you should consult with your doctor.   

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