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Added on: December 2011

For those of you that just experienced your first thanksgiving as a vegetarian, how was it? We have heard from so many of you that it was extremely difficult, that others where poking fun at you and telling you that what you are doing is non-sense. This is one the main things that we have been focusing on when it comes to being a successful vegetarian. You cannot let outside influence control your life, we have stated this several times, and we understand how difficult it can be, but if you want to succeed at anything in this life, you have to be mentally strong, and do what you believe is best for you. However, as easy as this statement is, we do understand how pressure can break you down, that is why they have that saying “peer pressure“. If you feel that you are one of those people that are affected by what others say about your life, you need to start a major change in your life, there is no reason to be weak in this world, you always have to be strong, and happy for that matter, in-fact, practice smiling 5 minutes a day everyday, and within a couple of weeks, you will notice you will be smiling without noticing it, happiness is a state of mind, just like being a strong minded person, if you believe in what you do, it becomes a state of mind to you, and you could really care less what others say about what you do. Hey, if Christopher Columbus was affected by what others said, we would have never sailed and found the Americas, but he was a strong minded person, and did what he believed in, and he was successful. So next time people are telling you that being a vegetarian is non-sense, just smile and tell that person “opinions vary” and change the subject.

Added on: November 2011

One of the biggest holidays in the U.S.A. happens this month. Thanksgiving is one of the few traditional and cultural holidays that we have celebrated since our country became, well, a country, and the traditional fare is turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, and gravy. This is a holiday that can be tough for first time vegetarians, as turkey is the main ingredient, and most stuffing’s and gravy’s are made with animal products. The great news, is that if you have the right guidance, you will have a great thanksgiving, and eat like everyone else, without getting the guilt from everyone else. There is a brand of vegetarian products from the UK called “Qourn”, they make all sorts of meat alternative products made out of micro-proteins. Luckily, they make a turkey roast, that tastes unbelievable, in-fact, you will think you are eating turkey, but it is 100% vegetarian. They also make vegetarian gravy, so you can get the complete plate. Usually you will find their products at specialty food stores like Whole Foods or Mother Market. Now lets say you are going to a family members house for thanksgiving, and they will be providing all the food to everyone, what you do is take your “Qourn” turkey roast and gravy, and politely ask them if you can make it in their oven, surely they will say yes, if they say no, maybe you better go somewhere else to eat! Always ask if meat was used for the stuffing, if so, skip it, or make your own vegetarian stuffing (most stuffing’s sold in a dry format are vegetarian, Williams-Sonoma makes a great vegetarian stuffing). As you can see, you too can enjoy one of our countries favorite holidays, and eat what everyone else is eating, but in a vegetarian matter, and enjoy the season.

Added on: October 2011

Do you feel like if you become a vegetarian, people will look at you differently? Like you wont be accepted by society? If you are interested in becoming a vegetarian and these thoughts are running through your head, it’s understandable, but at the same time they are silly. We live in a world where you have the freedom and choices to do what you believe is best for you, and your overall health. Becoming a vegetarian has many health benefits, and will surely help you in all aspects of your life. So the question is, do you care more about your well being, or what other people think about you? Being a vegetarian is not difficult, but you will be harassed by meat eaters many times, and that is ok. The reasons why meat eaters are always poking fun at vegetarians is because they are un-secure with themselves, and they know that what you are doing is the best thing you can do for yourself, but they cant commit to it, because they either have no will power, or just don’t care about there health. The longer you are a vegetarian, the less you care about what meat eaters have to say about being a vegetarian, because you care more about your health and well being, than what others think about your diet. So, if you are considering a vegetarian diet but are afraid of what others will think, think about what we talked about. Do you care more about what people think about you, or do you care more about your health?

Added on: September 2011

Have you ever wondered what this world would be like if everyone was a vegetarian? That would mean peace on earth. It would mean no hate towards animals, it would mean a much healthier diet for everyone. So the main question is, why are over 95% of the worlds population carnivores? It’s really a simple answer, Greed. We have been told by the meat industry that eating meat is great for us, and at the same time they are making huge profits by treating animals like dirt and then selling them to the public. Most people that eat meat think that eating meat is great for you, because it is a great source of protein and other vitamins, but at the same time, they don’t realize the harmful affects that consuming meat does to your health. If we all had a plant based diet we would solve most of the worlds problems. There would be no hate, we would help global warming in a huge way, and our over all health and quality of life would sky rocket. If you are a meat eater and are considering becoming a vegetarian, now would be a great time to start your new vegetarian diet. The longer you think about it, the more your mind plays games with you. You start thinking about how you will get your daily protein, what will people think about you, and if it will affect your health. If you read through our website, we will point you in the right direction to learning how becoming a vegetarian the right way, can give you all the health benefit’s a vegetarian diet can provide you with, including how to get your daily protein intake. Taking the first step is the hardest decision, but once you follow through, you will be on your way to better health and making this world a better place.

Added on: August 2011

Our favorite month to go on vacation has arrived! For many vegetarians going on vacation means being out of our homes and dining out more often than normal. So how does being a vegetarian affect your vacation. It doesn’t! from every corner in the world you can usually visit any country and dine in most restaurants. The vegetarian diet has become extremely popular and most restaurants can and will accommodate you. Take for instance Spain, a country known world wide for the Serrano Ham, you will now find completely vegetarian restaurants in cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, as well as through some small villages. Just because you do not eat meat does not mean you cant get out there, in-fact you are intelligent, caring, and best of all different. If you search online you will also find bed and breakfast that are 100% vegetarian, everything from the furniture to the food you eat is cruelty free. You can find these type of places from France to California to England and are usually very affordable. If we as vegetarians do not go to these places, they don’t get business, so its our responsibility to help them as they are helping us. Whatever it is you do this summer, get out there and enjoy the beautiful world we live in, and enjoy it with a the great mind of “peace on earth“.

Added on: July 2011

As a vegetarian, you appreciate the seasons so much more. Why? Because when you have a plant based diet, eating the freshest, ripest vegetables and fruits becomes a huge priority in your life. Summer is here, so that means time for the best tomatoes of the year. You can easily make great tasting tomatoes salads, that will leave you and your guest dreaming for days. Here is a simply tomato salad for your next veggie get together, or even for your “meat” eaters. 10 ripe tomatoes cut into quarter inch slices, 1 large onion thinly sliced, 2 peeled avocadoes and cut into squares, ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, salt and plenty of freshly cracked black pepper. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. Eat with slices of fresh crusty baguette. As you can see creating seasonal dishes is easy, you just have to be creative, and use the best possible ingredients. Now that you have educated yourself a bit, go out and enjoy the summer produce. On another note, some German people where hit with E-coli from cucumbers, they blamed on it Spain, but Spain has some of the best farming practices in the world, no E-coli there, now they have figured it probably is coming from Egypt. So, what causes E-coli? Meat eaters will tell you it comes from vegetables, but indeed E-coli (short for Escherichia) is bacterium present in the gut of humans and other animals. From there it can be passed to all sorts of foods, but it does not come from veggies. The best way to keep away from E-coli? Eat local produce!!! Don’t buy produce that has traveled over 100 to 2000 miles for you! Always eat local.

Added on: May 2011

Being a vegetarian is just way too difficult! This is what most people think before they start a vegetarian diet. The truth is, being a vegetarian is not difficult, it’s the people around you that are not vegetarian that make it difficult. People tend to poke fun at people that are vegetarians, because they don’t eat meat, and they are separating them selves from the rest of them. If you are interested in a vegetarian diet and want to follow through, you have to have a strong mind-set, you have to be yourself, and be a positive person that is not influenced by others. So the question is, why do other people make it so hard on those that want to become vegetarians? Because many people want to become vegetarian, but are afraid to take that big important step into it. So if you cant join them, make fun of them. I know many meat eaters will read this and say I’m wrong, but in truth the only reason why meat eaters make fun of vegetarians must be that. Once you begin your vegetarian diet, you have to focus on what you want, not what others want, and what you believe in. You know that a vegetarian diet is the best diet for your health, and that it promotes positive energy in your life, so why would you ever think that other people will make it hard on you? And remember, those nights when you are sitting with your family or friends, and they are all making claims that a vegetarian diet lacks nutrition, don’t fight back, because you wont win against the world, just state your claim and move on to other great subjects in the world. Be yourself, Be strong, do what you want to do.

Added on: February 2011

What is a vegetarian? This is a question that seems generally easy, but in today’s world, has gotten confusing. For some people, a vegetarian is a person that only eats a plant based diet, in other words, a Vegan. To other people a vegetarian is a person that has a plant based diet, along with dairy and eggs. As many people argue about which one is right or wrong, the truth is, any person trying become any type of vegetarian is the right choice. Whether you consume eggs or not, does not make you any better than the next vegetarian. What makes the difference is that you are not eating meat. Many people lose the focus as to why they became vegetarians in the first place, for many it was because of animal cruelty or because of the health benefits. It wasn’t a competition of “who is the best vegetarian,” or “who has the correct vegetarian diet”. If you are a meat eater and are looking to begin a vegetarian diet, do your part in making this world a better place. Whether you decide to eat eggs and dairy or not, your choice is a positive choice, no matter what others think. Vegetarianism has kind of become like 2 political party’s, the Vegans vs. the Vegetarians, sadly, the main focus of why we are all doing this, is getting many meat eaters that want to become a vegetarian confused, and at the end sticking to their meat-eating habits. So remember, be your own person, and choose which ever vegetarian diet you want, any choice is an amazing choice for yourself.

Added on: January 2011

As the new year begins, most of us have new years resolutions we are trying to stick to, and many of us are working hard to keep it up. If starting a vegetarian diet was your resolution, we are here to help you. In order for you to succeed in your journey into vegetarianism, you will have to remember that it will be tough in the beginning, and not because of you, it will be the people around you asking all sorts of questions and comments: [Why are you a vegetarian? I heard a vegetarian diet is not healthy, animals where put in this earth to be consumed, and so on]. You as an individual need to be strong in your beliefs, and not allow other people to dictate what you do in your life. Make sure you educate yourself about vegetarianism before you begin, this way when all these questions and comments are coming your way, you actually know what you are talking about. Here at the Vegetarian for Health website, you will find all the info you will need to become a vegetarian. The Vegan diet has become become the new popular diet, as you consume 0% animal products, however, for most of us it can be very tough. You should start with a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian diet. You can learn about it here. Just remember this, becoming a vegetarian, can guaranty one thing, it will promote positive energy in your life and the earth.

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