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Types of Vegetarians - Vegan Diet and Vegetarian Diet

When you choose a vegetarian diet, there are several different types of diets to choose from. In this section we will talk about the top (2) vegetarian diets, and what they offer to you. You have to choose which one is comfortable for you, not one is better than the other, they are just different in what food products can be used. Its all about personal preference. A lot of hard-core vegetarians will tell you that the only true "Vegetarian Diet" is the Vegan diet, but that is not true. Every person has their own belief, and like stated before, its all about what you want and what makes you most comfortable. This is not a competition of who has the best vegetarian diet, its about having a healthy diet that makes you feel great, keeps you in great shape and makes sense with your beliefs.

Vegan: This diet is the "ideal diet" of the vegetarian diets. On this diet you do not consume any animal products, we are not only talking about steak and chicken, we are talking about milk, eggs, cheese, honey and so on. It is the strictest of the (2) diets. You can eat any fruit, vegetable and legume that exist. This diet sounds difficult to many beginners, but its the only diet that provides true peace to the animals. As a Vegan you can eat cheese and drink milk, it just has to be made without any animal. For example, they sell soy cheese, rice milk, vegan burger patties and many more products at some major markets and most specialty markets. We live in a world were any diet can have all the foods we grew up eating, but without the animal. The great thing about the vegan diet, is that you will not see one overweight vegan, its almost naturally impossible. Choosing a vegan diet is mostly for people that are strongly against animal cruelty and believe animals were not put in this earth for any human purpose. If this is the diet you are looking for, we suggest you start with the diet below before starting this one, as it can test your will-power and it takes time, patience, and strong belief, but its the only choice to save our animals and our planet.

Vegetarian (Lacto-ovo): This is the most popular vegetarian diet in the world. Its just like the vegan diet, except that you can drink regular milk, eat eggs and chow down on any type of cheese. All meat and fish is forbidden. This is a very healthy diet and is a lot easier on most beginners. This diet is the most popular because it can easily fit into most peoples life that are looking for a "Meat Free" diet but can still consume dairy and eggs. For many people that have just dropped meat from their diet, its hard to go have breakfast with their family at a restaurant and not be able to eat eggs with some toast, they will just have to skip on the bacon. Just because you choose this diet does not mean you do not care about animal cruelty, most people that choose this diet care about animals, but believe that consuming dairy and eggs is also important to their diet and well-being (by Samuel at dresshead.com) . This diet is a good choice for people getting started on their journey to leaving their meat-eating habits behind.

That are several more vegetarian diets out there, like vegetarians that will consume dairy but not eggs (Lacto), or vegetarians that consume eggs but not dairy (ovo), but these two are the base of being a vegetarian. Look at your life today and see which one of these diets would best fit you right now, you can always change as time passes by and you feel more comfortable with your choice. No diet above is better than the other, all of them are great for you and will make you leaner and give you a great feeling that you are making a great choice for yourself.
























This website is intended as a reference only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you feel that you have a medical problem, please seek immediate medical help. Before starting any diet, you should consult with your doctor.   

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